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5Bogotá supports Local Breweries

2 May

5Bogotá supports Local Breweries

Trendy Craft Beer in Bogotá.

Cervecería Manigua has just opened a new production plant located in the traditional Bogotanian Neighborhood 7 de Agosto.
Last Saturday we took part of the official launch of the Craft Brewery, leading by 5Bogotá and followed by Bloggers and influencers.
From today they are offering tours to explore the Brewery and also to make a blind tasting with their 3 beers: Mohán, Patasola and Llorona.

Manigua means thick forest, so the brand is inspired by the characters living in this magical and enigmatic place.

Thank you to our friends and guests  from Quellevar, 365Colombia, for sharing with us this awesome craft beer experience.

If you want to join us on this adventure write us at

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