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Meet Your Local Host

Get to know your personal guide and new friend

Diana Guerra

Bogotana and Mother

Favorite view of the city: From the solar clock at the Planetarium, Favorite local food: I can´t imagine my life without empanadas, Favorite local word: “Mijito”, Favorite smell of the city: Street Herbal tea pots


Catalina Torres


“With my hands I capture the city, with my feet I dance the rhythm of the streets”, Favorite view of the city: Downtown, the buildings are emblematic, Favorite local food: I´m a Changua lover!, Favorite local word: “Sumercé”, Favorite smell of the city: Freshly-baked bread


Felipe Rocha

Bogotano and writer

Favorite View of the city: Carrera séptima con avenida Jímenez, Favorite Local Food: Ajiaco Santafereño, Favorite Local Word: Chevere, Favorite Smell of the City: smell of the rain.


Diana Zuluaga

Salsa Lover + Foodie

Passionate about traveling and gaining the most out of every experience. Tasting strange food and connecting with locals it´s a must in my travel itinerary. When I am the local I love to bring people to my favorite places, show them real vibe of my native Bogotá. Finally if you are interested in Salsa, I´m the one to teach you what you need to know about Colombian party.


Mauricio Pardo


My mission in life is always about to share my learning, I want to spread and rescue the Colombian culture through the creation of drinks that are based on our heritage and unique local flavors. I want to become my city, Bogotá in one of the most touristic places, I´m sure we have all the power to do it! So follow me if want to explore the most exotic flavors mixed with the classic drinks.


Juan Camilo Jaramillo

Marine Biologist, Enthusiast Geographer-5Medellín

I am always looking for the road not taken like in Robert Frost's beautiful poem: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I..., I took the one less traveled by..., And that has made all the difference`` The only thing I enjoy more than guiding and teaching, is learning from travelers like you, about all aspects of life, places and cultures. In a way, hosting smart and educated travelers, is like I am traveling myself.


Isabel Arango

Designer-Mother-Fashion Advisor

I´m 37, graphic designer, mother of three. Entrepreneurial by nature, I´ve always been interested in finding projects that could fill my interest in design and creativity. Food lover and self taught “cook”. I am the founder of Trama, a Creative House located in a boho-chic área of Bogota city and finally I am a fashion enthusiast, open minded and I love to chat and smile!


Federico Tamayo

Philosophy Student -5Medellin

My main motivation is curiosity. I like to try, see, read, taste and understand as much as possible, either by walking in the tropical rainforest, going out salsa-dancing or enjoying a hearty conversation with new people. While living my own city, I have a taste for hidden details, unknown human stories and fresh perspectives on old views


Constanza Solórzano

Photographer, anthropologist, and crazy music lover.

Passionate about getting to know different places and their cultures from the inside. After 8 years of living in different South American cities, I came back to Bogota to see it bloom and to share the love for this city and its people. Favorite view of the city: Sunset from the mountains. Favorite Local word: Guachafita. Favorite smell of the city: Right after the rain


Daniela Marín