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5Bogota, Experience the city through the senses

17 Jan

5Bogota, Experience the city through the senses

Every city has a soul, a legacy of traditions and affections that distinguish it from others, colors and shapes, flavors and perfumes that you can experience.

This new concept arrived to Bogota on November 16th 2013, where eleven tourism experiences, four points of the city (La Candelaria, 7 of August, Teusaquillo, Quinta Camacho) and the five senses were the protagonists.

“Storytelling and handmade cooking” was the responsible for exalting the experience of taste of the guests, from Toño’s hand, an empirical Pacific chef who recalled the original and exotic flavors of the region. Corvina’s ceviche, petals of banana, rice from Nuqui and a lush cocktail of author were the mix to the guests: Juan Diego Santacoloma Quellevar Director; Daniella Hernandez blogger and foodie creator of Gastroglam; the Australian tourists Pia and Liv and Oscar Payan Chairman of the Tourism Cluster from La Candelaria, delight their palate and enrich their culinary knowledge.

The yoga group of the drum was in charge of the listening experience in a meditation session with instruments of the world, shared with Jorge Bela blogger and creator of Quepenaconusted and Peter Preminger Trichter fundandor of the Rustic House.
Diana Salazar a referring of innovation and entrepreneurship was chosen to explore Bogotá through a view experience provided by Trama, Sale of design, a new space to spread urban art and Colombian design.
Tact was led by Annie Burbano founder and CEO of TurisTIC and Viviana Cardozo blogger and amateur traveler, who create her own book publishing in Amapola Cartonera.

REC Café was the scene to exalt smell, through a delicious coffee tasting that brought our guests, Catalina Linero founder of Colombia Festiva and David Medina a travel blogger, closer to the coffee culture and its varied flavors. To end this experience of simultaneous exploration of Bogotá through the senses, the 5Bogota team with the special guests shared in the space of Rustic House.
Now it’s your turn, explore Bogotá in a different way, live 5Bogota experience, a new concept in tourism led to the perception of the cultural and social environment of the city and live different activities designed to stimulate the senses.

We support local entrepreneurship initiatives, creative and committed to our community.
Who better than a local to show you how to live in the city!
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