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Diana Guerra

Bogotana and Mother

Favorite view of the city: From the solar clock at the Planetarium, Favorite local food: I can´t imagine my life without empanadas, Favorite local word: “Mijito”, Favorite smell of the city: Street Herbal tea pots


Lina Zambrano

Salsera & Music lover

Favorite view of the city: From slopes of La Candelaria . Favorite local food: Tamales. I can't get enough of them. Favorite local word: “Veci” Favorite smell of the city: Herbs & plants at the botanical garden.


Daniel Ospina

Historian, Geographer, Traveller

With my passion for both history and geography, I see every city I visit as a story written in stone, roads, and buildings. To me the streets and parks of Bogota are a window into its past, and of the past of Colombia. There is no better way to exploring a city than learning its history, its secrets and why things are the way they are. To me Colombian history is one of the most fascinating stories still mostly untold, and I love to share it.


Diana Zuluaga

Salsa Lover + Foodie

Passionate about traveling and gaining the most out of every experience. Tasting strange food and connecting with locals it´s a must in my travel itinerary. When I am the local I love to bring people to my favorite places, show them real vibe of my native Bogotá. Finally if you are interested in Salsa, I´m the one to teach you what you need to know about Colombian party.


Nicolás Pineda


Born and bred in Bogotá but lived abroad for quite some time. I find this city, and Colombia, to be a pretty awesome/unique place which I really like to show around. Colombia not only has a unique gastronomy, music and culture but also a fascinating history were Pre-Columbian, European and African features blend in a very unique way; and Bogotá is the best place to experience it. Join me in discovering this city a little bit more.


Natalia Cárdenas

Photographer, interior designer, history lover, a foodie

I'm a Colombian in love with her country and Bogotá city! I am passionate about art and I truly believe that is from there where you can understand the reality of a place and dreams of its people. I love to show visitors around this fantastic part of the world and share this amazing culture with them. Join me! There are endless amazing places awaiting to be visited!


Mauricio Pardo


My mission in life is always about to share my learning, I want to spread and rescue the Colombian culture through the creation of drinks that are based on our heritage and unique local flavors. I want to become my city, Bogotá in one of the most touristic places, I´m sure we have all the power to do it! So follow me if want to explore the most exotic flavors mixed with the classic drinks.


Juan Camilo Jaramillo

Marine Biologist, Enthusiast Geographer-5Medellín

I am always looking for the road not taken like in Robert Frost's beautiful poem: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I..., I took the one less traveled by..., And that has made all the difference`` The only thing I enjoy more than guiding and teaching, is learning from travelers like you, about all aspects of life, places and cultures. In a way, hosting smart and educated travelers, is like I am traveling myself.


Juanita Barriga

Architect and photographer

Sharing my knowledge and experience in architecture and photography are one of my favorite passions, especially in Bogotá the city where I was born. Walking the city to discover the newly contrasts between the old and the new architecture in the city are part of my constant hobbies. Join me to discover the best viewpoints of the city, plus the different type of architectural styles that merge in one same place at a time.