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Sound, texture, smell, taste and color of Bogotá

5 Feb

Sound, texture, smell, taste and color of Bogotá

If any of the above questions will immediately evoked memories, you do not just live in the city you have make it yours through the senses. What seems daily things has left a mark that makes you part of the city ecosystem.

  1. Have you ever walked on the colorful tiles that decorated the houses of the old Bogotá?
  2. Have you ever be tempted by the freshness of a watermelon on a hot day?
  3. Did you enjoy on a winter morning, the early smell of cars selling herbal teas in the city center?
  4. Have you ever stopped to observe the mud roofs of the many typical houses that abound in Bogota?
  5. Do you remember how many times you have enjoyed the sound of the rain through the window of your house?

What are the smells, tastes, textures, colors and sounds more representatives of Bogotá?

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